Below are some of the projects that I’ve worked on previously, both professionally and as an undergraduate.


Cultivate Studios
DigiPen Institute of Technology Singapore

Apotcalypse gameplay

Apotcalypse is a 3D real-time strategy and management game where the player aims to save a magical potted tree from infectious, virulent mushrooms. Taking control of “Frulets”, who can be ordered to perform certain tasks, the player can build a variety of structures which have unique effects against the infection.

As a graphics programmer, I worked on graphics-related features such as: skeletal animations, 3D model manager, particle systems, emissive maps, bloom and shadows.

Game download link: Apotcalypse download

Trailer link: Apotcalypse trailer


Thumbs Two
DigiPen Institute of Technology Singapore

Forge gameplay

A 2D action platforming game in which the player must step into the shoes of Berna, who must uncover the mystery behind the evil presence near her hometown. Take on robotic, animal-like foes and solve physics-based puzzles while harnessing the power of Berna’s two forms.

I was the technical lead for the team, and worked on the game engine and framework for the project. I also programmed several gameplay and graphical features, which include sprite animations and post-processing.

Ice-Cream Machine Simulation for Children

Hong Wei Global Pte Ltd

Kidzania Singapore logo

Developed on the inner workings of a physical ice-cream making machine for children to interact, play and learn with at KidZania Singapore. For this project, I utilised Arduino to program the circuitry and electronic components of the machine.

Hotline Operator Simulation

Hong Wei Global Pte Ltd

I helped to work on a simulator for training emergency hotline operators, as part of a project for a local government agency. Users are faced with several different scenarios of crises taking place locally, and are allowed different options in which they should respond appropriately.